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What Others Have Said About my Marketing Advice

"Ann integrated the sales and marketing functions by creating a lead generation and nurture function. This provided for an ability to tune the operation on an ongoing basis, using live data. The result was a dashboard using up to 15 data sources that would provide Spirit with valuable insight into our growing sales performance. Ann went on to become Spirit’s marketing director as it became a multi-channel, fast-growing company."
– Marketing: Geoff Neate, Founder, Spirit Telecom
"Ann is a wise advisor and encourager, who shares her knowledge generously and strategically and champions those she works with. Through working with Ann, I have a deeper understanding of strategic marketing and the confidence to be able to apply the ideas and principles to my own business”
– Marketing: Emma McMillan, Copywriter

Meet Ann Pocock, coach & marketing strategy consultant

As a marketing strategy consultant, Ann works with organisations that want to establish a more meaningful connection and experience with their audience. If you want to get clearer on your why and start showing up differently, marketing consulting with Ann will help you say what you mean, to the right people, in the right place at the right time. 

Skipping your brand strategy is like building a house without a blueprint. Sure, you might get lucky and it’ll turn out okay, but it’s much more likely that you’ll end up living in an unstable building. Don’t take the risk. Invest in a brand strategy and create a blueprint for success. 

Download this eBook, Take Complete Charge of Your Brand StrategyAnd Get your Brand Blueprint Ready! 

Download this eBook, Take Complete Charge of Your Brand StrategyAnd Get your Brand Blueprint Ready! 

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