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I’ve seen businesses make the same mistake time and time again.
They attempt to reposition their brand without any external help. This results in
vague positioning based on guesswork and office politics along with deeply
held biases instead of research, analysis and consumer insights.

Here’s how we do it:

What can you expect?

The core goal of the Brand Strategy Program is to shape customer perceptions
of your brand. With this, you hold a greater influence on them and a stronger
position in the market.

We’ll be bringing together your business vision
and value proposition, by establishing your:

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How does it work?

“Positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of a prospect.”
- Al Ries & Jack Trout

Working on this philosophy, we dig deep into your brand to develop a strategy that puts your customer at the centre, so you can develop an emotional connection with them.

6 step framework

1. Discovery questionnaire & pre-session market review
Before we kick off the workshop, we go through a detailed discovery questionnaire so I can get to know your business and your market. I get immersed in your existing brand work and review your competitors, digging deep into the landscape to begin generating opportunities for your brand’s positioning.
2. Brand discovery
We start by getting into the nitty-gritty of your business. I ask those hard questions you’ve been glossing over, so I can gather honest information about your business, your industry and customers, strengths and ambitions. The discovery component determines your competitive advantages and aims to define your market, so you can understand your key customers and what they need.
3. Objective insights & market opportunities
Using the information gathered during the brand discovery phase, I uncover insights, gaps and opportunities in your space. These insights form the foundation of your brand strategy – from your positioning and differentiation, through to your brand personality and why your audience will connect with you. In other words, we’ll define how your brand should be perceived, and which attributes differentiate you from the competition.
4. Brand blueprint
Your blueprint becomes the internal document that drives your strategy and keeps your business in alignment as you move forward. Your business objectives are the driving force behind every step. Your brand blueprint will include the high-level messages you want to communicate to your target market, your unique selling proposition, and your tone of voice. This helps to maintain consistency throughout your communications – a brand that people can recognise.
5. Roll out & check-in
With the right tools and methodologies behind you, you can execute your brand plan. I’ll be there to analyse the key metrics to keep that momentum going.
6. Coaching
A coaching component is included with every workshop experience, which elevates your program, combining external strategy with internal state. This gives you a renewed confidence in your business, increased self-awareness and strong leadership skills, which all come together to build a sustainable business.

Have you found your position in the market? It’s time to unleash your branding strategy!

Meet Ann Pocock, coach & marketing strategy consultant

Founder of Kinetic Effect, Ann Pocock, has over 15 years’ leadership experience in high-growth organisations and disruptive environments.

Beyond her business mindset is something that other Marketing and Brand Strategy experts can’t compete with. Ann also has a Coaching and Positive Psychology background that enables her to look at your business through a unique lens. With a deep understanding of what makes prospects become not just a customer, but a brand advocate, she asks the big questions so you get more out of your session.

Ann brings together the coaching aspect to ask the big questions and help you build on your strengths, and proven branding strategy experience to deliver real growth for your business. She works with Australian businesses becoming their coach, wing person and sounding board.

Smart managers know that the only way to hit their financial goals and build value is by strategically positioning their company in the marketplace.

Without strong positioning, your messages are not believable, which in turn leads to long sales cycles, low close rates, customer confusion and a misalignment between internal and external communications.

Changing the game for Australian businesses.

"I started working with Ann in 2017 when I saw a need to grow Spirit Telecom. Ann integrated the sales and marketing by creating a lead generation and nurture function. This provided for an ability to tune the operation on an ongoing basis, using live data. The result was a dashboard using up to 15 data sources that would provide Spirit with valuable insight into our growing sales performance. Ann went on to become Spirit’s marketing director as it became a multi-channel, fast-growing company."
– Marketing: Geoff Neate, Founder, Spirit Telecom
Ann is an effective listener that asks good questions and is able to elevate your thinking. She helped me remove excuses and negative-self talk, encouraging me to achieve my results and goals through root-cause analysis, leading questions and providing frameworks to guide decision-making.”
– Coaching: Alice Hong, Facebook, Project Manager, Singapore
"Ann helped me change my perspective on my character traits, allowing me to re-frame strengths and weaknesses into positive rhetoric. She will listen to you, really hear you, and creates a safe space that genuinely feels supportive and free of judgment. “
– Coaching: Grace, Sydney
“Ann has a rare skill combination of solid strategic thinking, quick problem solving, creative and lateral thinking, and the ability to move things along and just get them done – not to mention the unique ability to coach and mentor as a solution to empower internal teams.“
– Marketing: Anne Miles, Founder & Managing Director, Suits&Sneakers
“Ann asked the big questions and helped me recognise what was really getting in my way at work. I was able to align my strengths to my role and move forward in my career. Ann demonstrated a deep understanding of the corporate environment and relevant pressures.”
– Coaching: Garth McMurtrie, Asia Pacific Manager, Organisation Design & Development, Verizon
"Ann is a wise advisor and encourager, who shares her knowledge generously and strategically and champions those she works with. Through working with Ann, I have a deeper understanding of strategic marketing and the confidence to be able to apply the ideas and principles to my own business”
– Marketing: Emma McMillan, Copywriter
"I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘leader’ – I’d shrink away from such a title and responsibility. It’s been through my journey of self-discovery with Ann that I’ve reckoned with the fact that I’ll invariably need to ‘lead’. Ann has introduced me to the many styles of leadership, helping me to identify my style and use it to my advantage."
– Coaching: Lauren Ellis, Project Manager, Creative Agencies

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Any Questions?
Not everyone in my company is on the same page. Should we still do a marketing program?
Yes! That’s exactly why you should do a program. It’s natural for people in your company to have different ideas and perspectives, and this friction can often be the catalyst for the most successful sessions. I become your objective facilitator who also happens to be a coach, and I can help to instill a sense of unity and cohesiveness, so everyone can move forward as one complete unit.
What if we just want part of the program?
That’s not a problem! I don’t sell cookie-cutter packages and you can choose to just opt for the Marketing Plan Program or the Brand Strategy Program. It’s natural to feel like your business is lacking in one area more than the other, which is why I offer customised services centered around your goals and challenges.
How long do the workshops last?
Workshops are usually a minimum of three hours, with our Do-It-With-You Brand Strategy Workshop being the shortest. Our Marketing Plan workshops work best over a couple to a few weeks and usually consist of three or four 3-hour sessions. We need to make sure we have enough time for everyone to be heard, and so ideas can take shape and become real, actionable plans. We’re able to fit them around your schedule, and can guarantee it’s worth the time investment. Remember that my workshops are just one element of the complete program, and you’ll get added value before and after the workshops, too.
How many people can attend the workshops?
1-8 people is a good sweet spot. If the workshops are too full, it becomes more difficult to collaborate and make sure everyone can voice their ideas. For bigger organisations, we usually recommend allocating a handful of business leaders from different departments, who can then trickle the information down to their team afterwards – so everyone benefits.
But I am a marketer. Why do I need another marketer to help us?
That’s a good question! As an SMB or large business marketer, you’re often being pulled in heaps of different directions. Maybe you need an extra helping hand as your business moves through a transitional period, or maybe you’re struggling to move marketing from a silo department to get it functioning across the business. Either way, I’m here to work with you, not instead of you. I’m your hands-on support that can provide objective advice to help you merge your marketing strategy into your overall business strategy.
Do you help us to develop our brand assets & execute marketing campaigns?
My speciality is in finding your position (your voice, message, etc.) and showing you how to bring your brand strategy to life. So, you won’t get a logo or brand colour guidelines from me. However, the program is a great way to understand the direction your brand is heading and using this to brief a designer who can execute the strategy. I can also help you to develop clear briefs that will lead to the best results for your logo and other design aspects.
What if we want the workshops & not the coaching component?
To get the most out of these immersive sessions, you really need the full experience. As your coach, I wear many hats – from helping you to translate data to being your confidant. This sets you up for future success once I’m gone. Think of the workshop as your first bike with training wheels. With proper coaching, you’ll be able to take off the training wheels and travel by yourself.
How much homework will there be?
No one likes homework, but if you want to see real success, you have to put in the hard yards! I don’t do everything for you; I upskill your team through do-it-with-you sessions. It’s down to you to choose the people that attend (though I can advise if needed). I recommend selecting a mix of employees and leaders from different departments, so we can hear voices from across the business.
How much does it cost?
My prices are tailored depending on the size of your business and what you want to achieve. For example, each program can be carried out on its own, or I can deliver both the Marketing Plan and Brand strategy programs. As a very rough guide, you can expect the investment to fall between $2000 and $10,000.

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Download this eBook, Take Complete Charge of Your Brand StrategyAnd Get your Brand Blueprint Ready!