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Leadership and business growth coaching with Ann Pocock

Create change with purpose.

My vision is to help you dispel your blockers, define your purpose and drive your transition to fulfilment by making an impact on the way you work and live.

Perhaps you find yourself wondering when the right time is to make a change, or even how to make a change. Or you keep saying to yourself you will, but you feel stuck when it comes to taking action. Either way, you know it’s time to do something differently.

If you’re here, you’re curious about how to take decisive action that creates confidence and strength to propel you forward. And you’re curious about finding a coach who can get you there. A coach like me. I’ve been there too

What can coaching help you with?

Develop a clear vision and the steps to get there.

Build radically effective communication skills that start and end with connection.

Lead with courage and authenticity based on a greater perspective and self-awareness.

Increase self-awareness to create meaningful action toward planning and growth, whether you change careers, or decide to stay right where you are.

Foster innovation and engagement within your teams.

Create dynamic and healthy cultures plus enhanced team engagement and development.

Align your strengths and values to improve self-leadership and inspire others.

Develop a more authentic executive presence to enhance your ability to influence beyond formal authority.

Increase individual performance, productivity, and confidence.

It’s hard to take the first step out of the comfort of where you are, into the discomfort of evolving to where you want to be.

But the alternative of staying where you are is even harder. I know, I’ve been there too!

Choose the type of coaching that’s right for you.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Coaching for Emerging, Exploring, Expanding or Elevating Leaders

My vision is to amplify leadership impact and invigorate leaders so that you are energised, connected and performing at your very best.

My coaching is designed to rapidly develop and support you as a leader, no matter where you are on your leadership journey. Investing in yourself and your team is the fastest way to accelerate performance and eliminate roadblocks.

Marketing + Business Growth Coaching & Consulting

Supporting the growth of a business that builds deep connections with your audience and delivers real results can be tough. 

Being a decisive, meaningful and transformational business leader can be even harder. I will use strategic planning and proven marketing techniques to strengthen your marketing skills and scale your business. 

Meet your coach,
Ann Pocock.

Ann’s eyes-wide-open perspective has shaped her ability to empathise and respond to any personality, communication style and leadership challenge.

Certified Level 2 coach credentialed through IECL, a leading organisational leadership coaching institute accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF). I’m bound by the ICF professional standards and ethics.

Certified coach through The Institute of Consulting and Coaching Psychology, a program run by the leaders behind the world’s first Coaching Psychology Masters Degree, created at the University of Sydney.

Current undertaking Post-graduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology.

Accredited coach with Cappfinity.

Post-graduate education across Marketing, Communications and Public Relations.

15+ years’ leadership experience for high growth and complex organisations in disruptive environments internationally.

Led, influenced and coached virtual and intact multifunctional projects and teams across technology, telecommunications, managed services, financial services and education in senior marketing communication roles.

The depth of this experience informs my coaching practice and gives me a deep understanding of the breadth of challenges and valuable insight into navigating growth opportunities for individuals and organisations. Throughout your coaching journey, I’ll be by your side, facilitating each step towards reaching your goals.

Now, it’s over to you. Let’s lean into discovering your full potential.

Who else has
experienced the
Kinetic Effect?
"I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘leader’ – I’d shrink away from such a title and responsibility. It’s been through my journey of self-discovery with Ann that I’ve reckoned with the fact that I’ll invariably need to ‘lead’. Ann has introduced me to the many styles of leadership, helping me to identify my style and use it to my advantage."
– Coaching: Lauren Ellis, Project Manager, Creative Agencies
“Ann asked the big questions and helped me recognise what was really getting in my way at work. I was able to align my strengths to my role and move forward in my career. Ann demonstrated a deep understanding of the corporate environment and relevant pressures.”
– Coaching: Garth McMurtrie, Asia Pacific Manager, Organisation Design & Development, Verizon
"Ann is an effective listener that asks good questions and is able to elevate your thinking. She helped me remove excuses and negative-self talk, encouraging me to achieve my results and goals through root-cause analysis, leading questions and providing frameworks to guide decision-making.”
– Coaching: Alice, Facebook, Singapore
"Ann helped me change my perspective on my character traits, allowing me to re-frame strengths and weaknesses into positive rhetoric. She will listen to you, really hear you, and creates a safe space that genuinely feels supportive and free of judgment. “
– Coaching: Grace, Sydney
"I engaged Ann to host a monthly Leadership series. She created a safe, inclusive space for professional women all over Australia, hosting with kindness and compassion. Ann demonstrates a special kind of leadership that’s about empathy and curiosity. This is why we named her Mentor of the Year! "
- Coaching: Ali Adey, Founder, She Mentors
"Ann helped me to rediscover my self-belief and confidence in my abilities. My confidence was rock bottom and she helped me to search deep inside myself, see my potential, ignite my passion and align my values with career opportunities. With Ann’s coaching I could take steps to move out and up into a more senior role with confidence. "
- Coaching: Kirsten Ono, Head of Marketing, U.K
Be the change you want to be.
Be your own creation.

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