Marketing & Business Growth Coaching & Consulting.

Building a sustainable business that delivers real results can be tough. Being a decisive, meaningful and transformational leader can be even harder. We’ll use strategic planning and proven marketing techniques to strengthen your leadership skills and grow your business.

Are you a Marketer looking for a greater impact? 

Whether you’re new to a marketing role or need a second pair of eyes on your strategy, we’ll look at your marketing objectives and KPIs, assess their viability, and develop a marketing plan best suited for the business (that will get you praised). My tailored marketing coaching program meets you where you are in your professional journey and helps you reach the next level.

This is for you if...

What can you expect from Marketing Coaching:

Each marketing coaching program is tailored to you and your specific needs.
However, in general, we can follow a similar structure: 

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? 

Are you a Business Leader driving a transformation?

If you’re looking to personally develop your marketing effectiveness or coach your internal marketing team, my marketing coaching experience will help you evolve your business strategy and grow your mindset to match it. 

Get help finding good people, attracting new customers, building new products and services, generating more sales, or preparing your business for growth. Whatever your challenges as a business leader, I’ll help you build the tools to solve them. It’s time to have a business that serves you and the life you want. 

This is for you if...

What can you expect from Marketing Coaching:

The coaching process is tailored specifically to your needs as a business leader. I will work with you to help you define and achieve your goals. Together, we will explore the challenges you face and develop a plan of action to overcome them. This could include learning new marketing techniques, improving your coaching skills, or gaining a better understanding of your target market. 

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? 

Take your business to new heights and book a free discovery call today.

Meet your coach,
Ann Pocock.

Ann’s eyes-wide-open perspective has shaped her ability to empathise and respond to any personality, communication style and leadership challenge.

Who else has
experienced the
Kinetic Effect?
"I started working with Ann in 2017 when I saw a need to grow Spirit Telecom. Ann integrated the sales and marketing by creating a lead generation and nurture function. This provided for an ability to tune the operation on an ongoing basis, using live data. The result was a dashboard using up to 15 data sources that would provide Spirit with valuable insight into our growing sales performance. Ann went on to become Spirit’s marketing director as it became a multi-channel, fast-growing company."
– Marketing: Geoff Neate, Founder, Spirit Telecom
"Ann is a wise advisor and encourager, who shares her knowledge generously and strategically and champions those she works with. Through working with Ann, I have a deeper understanding of strategic marketing and the confidence to be able to apply the ideas and principles to my own business”
– Marketing: Emma McMillan, Copywriter
“Ann has a rare skill combination of solid strategic thinking, quick problem solving, creative and lateral thinking, and the ability to move things along and just get them done – not to mention the unique ability to coach and mentor as a solution to empower internal teams.“
– Marketing: Anne Miles, Founder & Managing Director, Suits&Sneakers

Be the change you want to be. Be your own creation.

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