How To Get Sales and Marketing Working Together

How To Get Sales and Marketing Working Together

How To Get Sales and Marketing to work together

If the marketing and sales departments in your business are completely individual teams, with separate tasks and separate goals, your business could be missing out on an opportunity to grow your customer pipeline and maximise sales conversions.


Sales and Marketing are at the core of your customer journey. While they have traditionally worked at separate parts of that journey, their goals are now more and more, the same: to create an experience that generates revenue for the business. 

When you integrate these departments, you give both teams access to brand new, otherwise unseen information about the exact client they serve. A higher quantity of data means a higher quality journey. That spells a happier customer willing to spend more on your business.

Some of the fastest moving businesses and the most experienced marketers will tell you that cohesion between marketing and sales departments is the difference between minimal growth and significant booms in business ROI.

If you find yourself asking why you’re taking all the same steps as your competitors yet you’re still falling behind, this internal alignment component could be the key to your success. Here’s how to get sales and marketing working together in your business.

Give them the same KPI’s and share reporting

Whether you’re integrating these departments for the first time in an established business, or you’re a new business looking to get started on the right foot, setting the same KPIs is a great way to establish a team culture. From a holistic standpoint, both of these departments are working to drive revenue, so it’s essential that these departments are on the same page.

Shared reporting is a technique that has a positive effect in multiple areas of the organisation. Having two departments deliver their monthly report together means one less report for your executives to read. Reporting together also creates accountability, shared responsibility, and shared language between the departments, fostering an environment where they naturally integrate activities.

Hold regular meetings between the two departments

Sales and Marketing are the heart of the customer life cycle, so having these departments map the journey together ensures consistency and a shared understanding of the business goals. Weekly meetings can help departments get clear on where they have to work together to ensure a consistent customer experience. 

For example, Marketing can have Sales review their buyer persona to make sure they’re aligned with who their targeting. Sales are often on the front line with the customer day in day out, so they can inform marketing of ‘commonly asked questions’, and marketing can use this information in their messaging.

Celebrate shared successes

As a business grows, it’s not uncommon for relationships to break down between departments as they focus solely on their own priorities. Communication and collaboration are key to strong, lasting relationships in business.

Business leaders can keep the lines of communication open and encourage continued collaboration by involving everyone in the celebrations of wins. From new campaign launches through to closed deals, let each department see where they’re making a difference and how their teamwork brings the business closer to its goals.

In a nutshell…

At its heart, true teamwork is an outcome of alignment. By aligning your teams to a shared goal and mission, they’re naturally going to work together to accomplish them. Having these departments working together is in the best interest of every business that wants to win the hearts of their customers faster, and for longer.

If you’d like some help with this, why not get in touch with me? I can upskill your teams and facilitate these changes for you. Book your free 60-minute discovery call today.

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