Marketing coaching services.

Where coaching meets consulting. Your sounding board to navigate leadership and business challenges through a marketing lens.  

Change is inevitable. And it happens at such a rapid pace in today’s business and marketing world. As organisations re-orient to drive growth, leaders seek solutions to new challenges. I'm here to help shape the strategic direction, as well as support and coach you and your organisation through change.

People are at the heart of change and strategic initiatives. My marketing coaching empowers leaders and teams with the knowledge they need to drive their own future and create sustainable change and growth. Seeking to empower others is why advisory, training, mentoring and coaching will always be part of my core offerings.

Marketing Coaching
The Kinetic Effect


Build out your strategic thinking to make a bigger contribution and impact in your organisation.


Connect the dots, by linking business objectives and marketing strategy to tactics.


Get clear on your business vision to share your story with employees, investors and potential customers.


Develop and implement relevant metrics so you can track impact and bring your vision to reality. 

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Who is marketing coaching for?

Marketing coaching is designed for leaders who are:

How does marketing coaching work?

Coaching provides leaders with a one-on-one forum and the chance to speak freely. Sessions are designed to be practical, so you can workshop key opportunities, problems and challenges, make critical decisions and sense check thoughts and ideas. Each program is tailored to your individual challenges and goals.

Ready for a
Kinetic Effect?

Marketing coaching typically works best with a series of
sessions over three to six months with sessions every two to four weeks.
These include:

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