Marketing strategy consulting & brand value proposition.

Strategic marketing solutions to create more business opportunities.

Let’s be honest. Quick-fix marketing activities are not strategies that will deliver measurable outcomes. Strategy goes well beyond campaign elements and execution tactics.

A well-developed marketing strategy can:

Transform your business.

Respond to competitive forces.

Find the buyers of your products and services by giving them the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

Marketers are constantly being challenged to solve new problems and connect with savvy customers. It’s an evolving scenario, one that requires flex and change. I partner with you to infuse agile marketing across your business, not just in a silo or as an afterthought.

Not every business has the time, know-how or resources to develop and implement a marketing strategy. And the way buyers interact with brands and buy products and services is constantly changing. Core to the Kinetic Effect DNA, we see ourselves as part of your organisation. I’ll focus on achieving your brand and marketing goals while you get on with running your business.

Marketing strategy development -
I'm in your corner from day one.

The Kinetic Effect.

A partnership designed to transform how marketing
interacts across your business to drive growth.

A valuable planning, design thinking and workshop resource from 
an experienced marketer with a balanced and independent approach.

A strategy with your key organisational goals 
and customer value proposition at its core.

How my approach is different.

Don’t get sidetracked by pretty fonts, glossy images and the latest shiny marketing channel or fad. Your business is too important for that. The truth is, you can’t operate without a well-crafted marketing and sales strategy. Otherwise, you’ll be operating blind, stumbling in the dark.

So, what’s the alternative?

A carefully developed brand strategy brings together your business vision and market potential. It defines your customers, your values, what your competitors are up to, your distinct advantages and, importantly, how to deliver on the brand promise.

You can think of your brand strategy as a roadmap. And would you really want to waste time with guess work if you had a clear destination in mind? 

Take your business to new heights and book a free discovery call today.

Here’s how we’ll partner.

A partnership designed to transform  I’ll get to know your business inside and out by meeting with your team, reviewing existing strategies, sales reports, product roadmaps, customer databases and putting your competitors under surveillance.

What gets measured, gets done. We’ll work towards definitive goals, tracking your progress along the way. Analytics will illuminate marketing wins, return on investment, and also identify where you can make improvements.

We’ll be taking the long-term view while driving immediate results. We’ll forward-plan, with the understanding that marketing is not a one-time thing. Our multi-layered approach delivers growth, quality customer engagement and results.

Brand strategy & value proposition development.
I ask the right questions - the same ones your customers do.

What sets your business apart from your competition? How are you different, better and more valuable?

Customers are making more informed buying decisions than ever before. They often already know the answers to their problems when they decide to buy from you. What does this mean for you? Relevancy and competitive advantage come from being able to answer these questions at the right time in the right place. I’m experienced working with businesses like yours to uncover and develop your value proposition so that you can develop meaningful products and services and build deep connections with your customers. It’s how you’ll transform customers into advocates, who’ll spread your message for you.

A customer-first approach to branding.

A good strategy needs more than an internal brand mindset, so I take a customer-first approach to your brand value proposition. I ask the question, ‘Does your brand meet your customers’ deep needs and desires?’ And then, ‘Is there alignment with your products, marketing and customer needs?’

From there, together we drill down, observing and tracking customer behaviours while uncovering insights through customer data and research. I talk to your customers and stakeholders so I can deliver a marketing strategy that aligns to your goals, defines your value proposition and inspires new potential for sustained, long-term growth.

Want a marketing strategy to help your business achieve its growth goals?

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