Your on-demand CMO.

In your corner, as you need, even when you don’t know you need it, to create, implement and optimise your marketing strategy

Whether you’re a start-up, expanding or established in your market, Kinetic Effect is your partner in strategic marketing. I understand many businesses don’t have the time, money or space for a full-time marketing leader – but most business leaders know that to create and maintain a competitive advantage in their industry they need a strategic marketing plan.

You want better integration between your research, strategy, planning and creative execution. Out-of-the-box ideas with streamlined processes and accountability. I hear you. By partnering with Kinetic Effect, you have access to executive marketing experience without the full-time cost.

A virtual, or on-demand Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) service, can support your:

Internal marketing team, agency or freelancers with guidance, mentoring, project management and strategic planning.

Senior management team with data and a clear picture of your marketing ROI.

Leave the marketing to me so you can focus on what matters.

By working with an on-demand CMO, you’ll benefit from:

A broad range of strategic marketing and planning experience to develop and implement strategies with your business goals at the core.

Time to manage the business in your role as Managing Director or CEO without needing to oversee marketing as well.

Marketing support when and where you need it – you play to your strengths while I play to ours (and deliver you great results).

A bird’s-eye view of your market and competitors, plus access to industry-leading marketing thinking, techniques, tools and technology.

Streamlined processes and improved ROI.

Upskilling and training of your team and handover of marketing processes and reporting, including ongoing access to tools, reports and advisory.

Support to get new marketing initiatives off the ground.

An extensive network of supplier contacts, with me being the point-person and doing the supplier vetting, procurement and management for you.

Take your business to new heights and book a free discovery call today.

Still not convinced?

I know that no two businesses are the same. That’s why before I dive in, we spend time getting to know each other. With a focus on outcomes and results, it’s important to tailor my approach to meet your specific needs.

I can also train and upskill your team, leaving the scalable and repeatable strategy I developed for you in safe hands.

I have firsthand experience working with marketing teams in small and large organisations, and managing the development and implementation of marketing strategies when there is both limited capability and capacity.

An on-demand CMO will give your business high-level expertise to drive marketing strategy and oversee tactical execution while being accountable for results. I can also train and upskill your team, leaving the scalable and repeatable strategy I have developed for you in safe hands.

How does an on-demand CMO work?

As your on-demand marketing partner, I’ll hit the ground running to get control back in your marketing by:

End-to-end management.
Creating marketing plans, budgets and reports.

Stay in the loop.
Placing structure and accountability around everything, so stakeholders and suppliers are informed and on track.

Sourcing the expertise. Bring your strategies to life by sourcing and collaborating with the best marketing specialists, freelancers or agencies.
Brand advocate. Launching products and services to build hype, buy-in and awareness internally and externally.
Ongoing communications. Clearly communicating your strategy, key messages and objectives to stakeholders.
Manage the creative process. Making the creative and production process and timeline efficient.
Real-time oversight. Optimising, tweaking, pivoting and updating in real-time.

I do the time consuming bits for you.
Get your time back – I take the communication, project management and creative processes off your plate.

The Kinetic Effect?

Each relationship is different. I’m committed to working with you to develop a scope of work that meets your needs and budget. At a minimum, I’ll devote an agreed time fraction to your business weekly. You’ll receive regular detailed reporting on marketing performance, and recommendations on tweaking and optimising activity along the way to maximise success

I can also help with your marketing recruitment needs, creating and delivering presentations, running workshops and planning sessions, and negotiating with external suppliers. Just say the word.

Do you need strategic marketing expertise in your business?

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