What is a Kinetic Effect?

What is a Kinetic Effect?


You may have heard of the term ‘kinetic’ before. Kinetic energy, kinesis, and kinesiology – the list goes on. One thing that all of these terms have in common is their relation to the energy gained from movement. Kinetic energy, for example, can only be achieved from motion.

Kinetic Energy

One of the most famous references to kinetic energy is Newton’s Cradle. You know the fidget ornament with five hanging spheres that you saw on all of your primary school teachers’ desks? Now, I am by no means a scientist, but here’s my take of what this little device does. The first sphere hits the second one, and moments later, the very last sphere will swing upwards before returning to its original place and continuing the motion back down the line.

What’s that got to do with leadership and executive coaching?

Newton’s Cradle has relevance to the kinetic effect that I believe we can achieve in our work and lives. You see, you choose to tap the first sphere and wait a moment. What you’ll witness next is an upward swing as a result of alignment and motion. Before you know it, all of the spheres have picked up enough momentum to continue the action entirely on their own. That momentum-driving upward swing is precisely what executive coaching can help you with.

Energy exists in two states: potential and kinetic. Potential energy is not being used, while kinetic energy is actively in motion. In this metaphor, think of Newton’s Cradle as your ‘potential energy’. It’s your vision for success. Now, think of tapping the first sphere as you taking the first step towards putting your vision into action. This is your kinetic effect – your vision in motion.

The Kinetic Effect

I work with you to tap the first sphere, put the right parts in place, align your values with your strengths, goals, and energy, and begin taking the next steps in creating the motion that propels you forward.

Once you have a kinetic effect in your work and personal life, the energising nature of that motion is what has the potential to keep you moving forward in whichever direction that you set for yourself.

What’s that got to do with marketing and growing your brand?

When your brand values and mission align with the contribution you want to make, you can achieve a kinetic effect. This kinetic effect travels through your internal teams, all the way out to your customers.

A kinetic effect in business can help you get clear on your why and value proposition, giving you the energy to show up authentically and on purpose. Your customers will more easily relate to your brand positioning, allowing you to create more meaningful, lasting connections. Once that is in motion, the momentum will gain traction and make the path ahead clearer.

Aligning your sales and marketing in this way can give your brand an energising effect that is engaging to your customers, opens up the potential for new ideas, and gives you the motivation and clarity to stay on course.

Do you want the Kinetic Effect?

Through executive and leadership coaching, I can help you achieve a kinetic effect in your personal life and your career. Through marketing strategy consulting, I can help you achieve a kinetic effect in bringing your business objectives to life.

If you’re ready to align all of the moving parts and start to move onwards and upwards faster and more clearly than you have before, in a way that energises you and drives positive change, it’s a kinetic effect you’re looking for.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, you can book a free discovery call with me today to find out more and take the first step to putting your vision into action.

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