What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) said it best when they defined coaching as a thoughtful, creative partnership between a coach and client that inspires clients to maximise their potential.

Working with a coach has the potential to broaden your thinking while equipping you with tools and techniques to move forward in the area of your life that you are undertaking coaching for. That could be life coaching, career coaching, or in the case of working with Kinetic Effect, organisational coaching, specifically executive and leadership coaching.

What isn’t coaching?

If you’re looking for someone to give you advice or offer solutions, then coaching might not be the avenue for you. However, if you’re looking for a thought partner to support self-reflection and exploration, challenge your mindset, and keep you accountable then coaching may hold the answers you seek.

Coaching is not training, consulting, mentoring, or advice-giving. There’s no set curriculum or ‘one-size-fits-all’ session. Coaching is a self-driven process that focuses on the client’s personal growth and development based on where they’re at and where they want to be.

The most substantial thing to obtain from the definition of coaching by ICF is the act of partnering with your client in a thought-provoking and creative process, which means being able to cause your clients to ponder or reflect deeply about their situation via the deep listening and powerful questions you provide; resulting in them eagerly implementing the appropriate actions to achieve their desired outcomes.

What a coach can (and can’t) do for you

So what’s the essence in coaching that other modalities can’t provide? For a start, coaching is often future-focused, unlike other interventions such as therapy. While therapy and consulting include focussing on behavioural change, exploring subjective experience and tackling difficult issues, the key essence of coaching is in the forward-focused approach that empowers individuals to unleash their potential and discover their own path.

The focus is on specific developmental issues in the workplace, and on achieving specific goals. These goals will be entirely dependent on the client, but some examples to inspire you on your coaching journey include developing a growth mindset, replacing rigid thinking patterns, improving self-confidence, improving empathy and emotional intelligence, or learning to effectively delegate.

So, what does all of this mean for you?

A coach can assist you with clarifying your strengths, values, and intentions. That can help you to set and achieve goals, develop new ideas and align yourself to your purpose. A coach can also help you hold yourself accountable, leaving you with more drive, ambition, energy and improvement in wellbeing.

What happens in a coaching session?

During a coaching session, space is created in which you can discuss certain topics, whether that be goals you want to achieve, obstacles that you have encountered, or situations that have arisen for you. Together, you and the coach navigate the topics through the use of powerful questions and reflection. The coach supports your exploration and development of new ways to view situations and planning actions to reach success. This discovery involves curiosity and drive on your part as a coaching client.

Coaching involves multiple sessions, with the first being dedicated to clarifying what you really seek from coaching. In the first session, you get clear on your goals and intentions and consider what success looks like for you.

Following sessions will include identifying your challenges, brainstorming and strategising solutions with me as your sounding board and idea-generation assistant. From these solutions, we set actions and goals to help you channel your motivation, overcome your challenges and stay on course.

In the nitty-gritty, we look at things like mindset and behaviours, patterns and limiting beliefs, identifying what could really be holding you back and how you can start to shift these blocks. I’ll also be there to give you a friendly nudge when it’s needed and celebrate your wins and breakthroughs with you.

Throughout this process, the role of the coach isn’t to offer “solutions” to your topic, but rather to support you as you find new resources and perspectives to resolve your own situations. As the coaching client, you are always in the “driver’s seat,” so to speak, for what you want to accomplish from the session.

What’s coaching like with Ann?

If coaching sounds like the right step for you, then choosing the right coach is just as important as choosing to undertake coaching. Coaches have varying styles, and finding the right fit for you is key to optimising results. If you’d like to know a little bit about my style before booking a free discovery call, here’s a little summary.

I have a passion for what accesses, harnesses and raises human potential – this is what led me to coaching. My approach to coaching blends my business and leadership acumen with my ability to get to the heart of what matters by building self-awareness, emphasising strengths and defining your values. This style of engagement allows for a shifting of ‘inner behaviour’ that becomes a powerful resource for change.

My style is open, non-judgemental, questioning, and brave. I take a holistic approach to coaching, appreciative of the intersection between work and life. And, I love to have a laugh with you along the way.

Feeling excited? Or just a little bit curious to see what coaching is about? You can book a free no obligation 60 minute discovery call today to find out if we’re the perfect fit.

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