Marketing Coaching: How it can Help Grow <br>Your Business

Marketing Coaching: How it can Help Grow
Your Business

Marketing Coaching

Are you a business leader looking to grow your business? Or perhaps you’re a marketer who wants to elevate your marketing skills. If so, this article will show you how marketing coaching can help you achieve your goals. 

Marketing coaching is a tailored approach to skills development. It will help you explore the challenges you face, define your business goals and map out a plan to achieve them through a sound brand positioning and marketing strategy.  

Strategy goes well beyond quick-fix and reactive marketing activities. Marketing coaching will help you to develop a clear and actionable vision, positioning, messaging framework and identity to drive sustainable growth and success.

Who will benefit from marketing coaching?  

Marketing coaching is perfect for small to mid-size companies that may not have a lot or any senior marketing expertise. It works well for someone who wants to be a better marketer or a business owner who needs to improve how to market their business and make the right decisions.  

Marketing coaching for business leaders 

Are you abusiness leaderlooking to grow your business? 

Building a sustainable business that delivers real results can be tough. Simply put, marketing coaching for businesses helps leaders develop their marketing strategies and to improve marketing skills within the business. It’s a personal and empowering approach to growth.  

If you’re looking to personally develop your marketing effectiveness to reach new customers, create a brand message that resonates with your target audience, and generate more sales, then marketing coaching is for you. 

An example of the type of business leader who would benefit from marketing coaching are business leaders who expertise may lie in the technical side of the business. You have a great product, but require the skills to take the product to market more than you already have. 

Or, perhaps you’ve owned your business for a while but not seeing the traction you envisaged because you don’t know how to reach your target audience or your messaging is not quite right.  

Marketing coaching for marketers 

Are you amarketerlooking to make a greater impact in your role? 

Whether you’re new to a marketing role or need a second pair of eyes on your strategy, a marketing coach will help you look at your marketing objectives and KPIs, assess their viability, and support you to develop a marketing plan best suited for the business (and that will get you the recognition you deserve). Marketing coaching programs are tailored to meet you where you are in your professional journey to get you to the next level in your career.  

An example would be an individual who has spent their career in sales and is now making the shift to marketing. You’ve got years of experience and understand the business, its operations and its customers, but your marketing skills need honing. 

What’s the difference between a marketing coach and a marketing consultant? 

A marketing coach, as opposed to a marketing consultant, empowers leaders and marketers with the knowledge they need to drive their own future and create sustainable change and growth. They work with you, rather than for you behind the scenes. They also should give you the tools to drive your own marketing strategy in the future, rather than continuously having to outsource a marketing consultant.

How will you benefit from a marketing coach? 

A marketing coach will help you gain clarity on your business goals and what’s needed to achieve them; and learn how to develop and implement a clear marketing and brand strategy, which will include understanding your target market, differentiating your brand and developing key messaging that will resonate with your audience. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to attract the right leads to grow your customer base and convert sales. 
  • Where to invest your time and money for the best short and long-term results. 
  • How to build message consistency at every customer touchpoint to strengthen your market position. 
  • How to develop and implement targeted goals and metrics for greater accountability. 
  • How to align your marketing strategy to match your business goals for meaningful outcomes and measured results. 

Meet Ann Pocock, Kinetic Effect Founder 

Ann’s approach to coaching blends her business, marketing and leadership experience with her Positive Psychology and coaching qualifications. She provides an immersive experience and empowers her clients to shape their strategic direction. She shows you how to create brands that stand out from their competitors and meaningfully connect with their audiences through building lasting engagement.  

It’s uncommon for a marketing coach also to be a trained leadership coach like Ann.  As such, she also coaches marketers (or marketing-aligned roles) to become stronger leaders and to make a bigger impact at a strategic business level. Find out more about Ann’s Leadership Coaching services

What’s included in the Kinetic Effect marketing coaching program?  

Each Marketing Coaching Program is tailored to your specific needs. However, in general, these are some typical program components:    

Assessment – understand your current situation and where you want to be.  

Goal setting – both long-and short-term goals that support your overall objectives  

Strategy development – create a plan that aligns with the business and identifies the proper channels and activities that will help you achieve your goals  

Implementation planning – putting together a plan of action to make your strategy a reality.  

To learn more about how Ann can help your business feel free to book a call. 

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