Marketing Strategy
Power Session

Get the answers to your most pressing marketing questions to
overcome those bottlenecks slowing you down.

Tackle your biggest marketing challenges head on

When you’re so entrenched in the day-to-day running of your business, it’s easy to let the marketing slide sometimes. Getting an outside perspective from an expert is usually just what you need to feel supported and guided in the right direction.

I work with business owners, founders, leaders and marketing professionals to provide the clarity you need to achieve your next target. As a coach and marketing consultant with over 15 years’ marketing leadership experience, I’ve been where you are right now.

In this Marketing Strategy Power Session, you will have 1 to 2 hours to think tank some key aspects of your marketing with an experienced professional that can provide objective insights and actionable advice.

Are you ready to unwrap exactly what your business needs to grow?

Is the session right for you?

Your marketing budget is precious. If any of the below phrases ring true,
it’s time to give me a call…

What do you
want to achieve?

Every business leader and marketer is dealing with their own dilemmas. Whether your  customers aren’t converting or your marketing dollars aren’t working hard enough for you, I can show you how to get back on track. 

Together, we can focus on anything from the positioning of your key services through to quality lead generation and developing your differentiation model. Or maybe you need to dig deep into something else entirely.

Attract & keep customers

Assistance with building strong customer funnels and streamlining your onboarding process. 

Fast results

We focus on the issues directly in front of you, covering short-term actions for immediate results. 

Nail your brand proposition

Get your branding on point and find your place in the market, to create brand advocates that become long-term customers.

Launch effective campaigns

Discover the best way to build out effective campaigns that resonate with your audience to see real results.

Not sure where you’re going wrong? Sometimes, things can just feel a bit off with your marketing. I can help you throw away the guesswork, uncover the gaps, and identify the opportunities that are going to help you skyrocket past the competition!

Let’s get real
for a moment…

Your investment: From $997 + GST

A one-off investment that yields so much more in return. You’re not just paying for my time during our session together, but also pre and post support and a free flow of ideas on tap based on my years of experience - meaning you recoup the cost quickly and generate phenomenal ROI long into the future.

We only have a short time together, so we won’t be able to fix everything and we won’t be able to build a full strategic plan. However, we will deep-dive into the most strategically important aspects of how to best market your business. At the end of our Power Session, you’ll go away with a list of actions to grow your brand.

A snapshot of our Power Session

Step 1: Pre-session audit & 30 min session scope briefing

I’ll provide a kick-off questionnaire and carry out a mini marketing presence audit that covers your marketing activity and your key competitors’ presence. This provides the insights I need about your business and competitive landscape. We will also meet for a 30min pre-session scope briefing to prioritise your key areas of discussion during the workshop.

Step 2: Strategy power session

We’ll connect for a 1 to 2-hour video call to discuss your business’ goals and have a brainstorming session. This key session involves a Q&A, as well as planning, coaching and design thinking. We’ll also create a summary of key actions to help you attain those goals right away.

Step 3: Session recording & summary

You’ll receive a link to watch and share the recording of the session, so you can work through your actionable items and homework. I’ll also provide a Signature Action Plan PDF that covers a summary of the ideas and actions we discussed, with ways to track and measure your ongoing marketing activity for more accountability.

Step 4: Post-session support & 45 minute coaching session
Get access to email and voice message support for two weeks following the strategy power session. Feel free to ask more questions, get my feedback, show me something you’re working on or share some campaign data with me for my analysis and insights. And, you’ll get a free 45 minute marketing coaching session four weeks after your session to pick my brain and use me as a sounding board.
Step 5: Execution

I guide you on how you can execute your plan independently. If you need a helping hand and a marketing coach beyond our Power Session, just let me know. The best part is, you will receive a 15% discount on your investment in any further marketing service over $5500.

Are you channeling money & energy in the right places? It’s time to ask the difficult questions

A Marketing Strategy
Power Session designed
for your business

This isn’t just another one of those sales calls disguised as a strategy session. It’s a one-off coaching session merged with a mini marketing strategy planning workshop. It’s all about answering your questions about marketing. That means no annoying upselling or sneaky sales whatsoever.

Blend of coaching & consulting

Get access to a coach, mentor & consultant, all rolled into one. In addition to exterior strategic actions, we’ll work to renew your interior energy and focus.


Get help on the 1 or 2 topics that matter most to your business success.

Shareable knowledge

Bring 1 other person from your organisation with you. Afterwards, share a recording with your team to get everyone on the same page.

Fast results

We focus on the issues directly in front of you, covering short-term actions for immediate results.

Clarity for the future

Go away with a clear idea of where your business could head, with the immediate steps you need to take to trigger positive change.

Why choose Kinetic Effect?

Meet Ann Pocock, Founder of Kinetic Effect. Ann has over 15 years’ experience as a Marketing Leader. She’s also an Executive and Leadership Coach, with a PR and Positive Psychology background.

When you choose Ann to run a Marketing Strategy Power Session for your business, you’re getting more than just a consultant. You’re also getting a coach, wing person and sounding board, who knows how to bring out your strengths and inspire confidence in you as a leader. She takes a straight-talking approach, ultimately equipping you with the tools to move forward with momentum and create meaningful change.

Changing the game
for Australian businesses.

"I started working with Ann in 2017 when I saw a need to grow Spirit Telecom. Ann integrated the sales and marketing by creating a lead generation and nurture function. This provided for an ability to tune the operation on an ongoing basis, using live data. The result was a dashboard using up to 15 data sources that would provide Spirit with valuable insight into our growing sales performance. Ann went on to become Spirit’s marketing director as it became a multi-channel, fast-growing company."
– Marketing: Geoff Neate, Founder, Spirit Telecom
"Ann is a wise advisor and encourager, who shares her knowledge generously and strategically and champions those she works with. Through working with Ann, I have a deeper understanding of strategic marketing and the confidence to be able to apply the ideas and principles to my own business”
– Marketing: Emma McMillan, Copywriter
“Ann has a rare skill combination of solid strategic thinking, quick problem solving, creative and lateral thinking, and the ability to move things along and just get them done – not to mention the unique ability to coach and mentor as a solution to empower internal teams.“
– Marketing: Anne Miles, Founder & Managing Director, Suits&Sneakers

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