The Kinetic Effect.

Align with what you stand for to unleash your power and impact on the world – this is the Kinetic Effect. Whether you’re an organisation or individual, experiencing the Kinetic Effect will connect you with your purpose, spur you into action and unlock your potential.

Unleashing the potential of individuals & organisations.

The world as we know it is constantly changing, which can feel unsettling and disruptive. Imagine if you could look to the future through a lens of possibility, opportunity and energy?

You can.

Through executive and leadership coaching, your potential will be unleashed, empowering you to create change and make an impact. You’ll learn how to take decisive action that creates 

confidence and strength to propel you forward in business and in life.

Through marketing consulting and strategy, we help you elevate your brand to enhance the relationships you have with your audience and your people. You’ll get the energy and momentum you need to move your business forward by creating lasting and meaningful experiences.

What you'll get by experiencing a Kinetic Effect

Executive & leadership coaching will help you to...

Unleash your potential and step into your purpose.

Create change and make a meaningful impact.

Take decisive action to propel you forward in business and in life.

Find more balance in your every day.

Lead with courage and authenticity based on a greater perspective and self-awareness.

Refine your leadership skills to bolster your confidence and build more meaningful connections.

Strengthen your leadership skills to grow your business.

Marketing consulting will help you to...

Develop a clear and actionable mission, positioning, messaging framework and identity to drive growth and success.

Generate and nurture leads that drive sales-ready opportunities and deliver real business outcomes.

Align your sales and marketing to energise your brand and attract, convert and delight your customers.

Deliver a consistent customer experience through brand messaging and engaging content that adds genuine value.

Uncover opportunities to accelerate your business and set you up for future success.

Make it easy for people to buy from you.

About Kinetic Effect

Creating the Kinetic Effect - Meet Founder, Ann Pocock.

Kinetic Effect is led by Founder Ann Pocock, who wears two hats.

As an executive and leadership coach, Ann empowers individuals who want to disrupt themselves with the tools to unleash their potential. If you’re unclear of your path, or being held back by limiting patterns or beliefs, coaching can empower you to take action, make informed decisions and uncover your own unique pathway.

As a marketing strategy consultant, Ann works with organisations who want to establish a more meaningful connection and experience with their audience. If you want to get clearer on your why and start showing up differently, marketing consulting will help you say what you mean, to the right people, in the right place at the right time.

Through marketing consulting, and executive and leadership coaching, Kinetic Effect empowers you with the energy and momentum you need to move the needle.

Introducing founder, Ann Pocock.

Ann’s diverse experience lets her quickly connect the dots between organisations and their audience; strategy and execution; brand and culture; and customer and employee.

Ann’s insatiable curiosity is what drives her to challenge the comfort zones of others and create meaningful change. An ideas generator, Ann can build the roadmap, help drive and enable the activity to get ‘there’, while finding possibilities and opportunities in challenges along the way. She has 15+ years of cross-industry marketing leadership experience for high-growth organisations with innovation and disruption as their backbone.

Ann’s passion for what accesses, harnesses and raises human potential is what led her to coaching. Her approach blends her business and leadership acumen with her ability to get to the heart of what matters by building self-awareness, emphasising strengths and defining the values of those she works with. Ann’s unique style is empathetic, open, non-judgemental, questioning, brave, and appreciative of the intersection between work and life.

A Love of Learning

Masters of Applied
Positive Psychology
(currently undertaking).

Certified Level 2 & Level 1
Organisational Coach
 – Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (IECL)

Certificate in Executive Psychology 
through the Institute of Coaching &
Consulting Psychology (ICCP)

Accredited Strengths Profile Coach through Cappfinity

Graduate Diploma
(Public Relations)

Bachelor of Arts
Communication (Studies)

Who else has
experienced the
Kinetic Effect?
"I started working with Ann in 2017 when I saw a need to grow Spirit Telecom. Ann integrated the sales and marketing by creating a lead generation and nurture function. This provided for an ability to tune the operation on an ongoing basis, using live data. The result was a dashboard using up to 15 data sources that would provide Spirit with valuable insight into our growing sales performance. Ann went on to become Spirit’s marketing director as it became a multi-channel, fast-growing company."
– Marketing: Geoff Neate, Founder, Spirit Telecom
Ann is an effective listener that asks good questions and is able to elevate your thinking. She helped me remove excuses and negative-self talk, encouraging me to achieve my results and goals through root-cause analysis, leading questions and providing frameworks to guide decision-making.”
– Coaching: Alice, Facebook, Singapore
"Ann helped me change my perspective on my character traits, allowing me to re-frame strengths and weaknesses into positive rhetoric. She will listen to you, really hear you, and creates a safe space that genuinely feels supportive and free of judgment. “
– Coaching: Grace, Sydney
“Ann has a rare skill combination of solid strategic thinking, quick problem solving, creative and lateral thinking, and the ability to move things along and just get them done – not to mention the unique ability to coach and mentor as a solution to empower internal teams.“
– Marketing: Anne Miles, Founder & Managing Director, Suits&Sneakers
“Ann asked the big questions and helped me recognise what was really getting in my way at work. I was able to align my strengths to my role and move forward in my career. Ann demonstrated a deep understanding of the corporate environment and relevant pressures.”
– Coaching: Garth McMurtrie, Asia Pacific Manager, Organisation Design & Development, Verizon
"Ann is a wise advisor and encourager, who shares her knowledge generously and strategically and champions those she works with. Through working with Ann, I have a deeper understanding of strategic marketing and the confidence to be able to apply the ideas and principles to my own business”
– Marketing: Emma McMillan, Copywriter
"I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘leader’ – I’d shrink away from such a title and responsibility. It’s been through my journey of self-discovery with Ann that I’ve reckoned with the fact that I’ll invariably need to ‘lead’. Ann has introduced me to the many styles of leadership, helping me to identify my style and use it to my advantage."
– Coaching: Lauren Ellis, Project Manager, Creative Agencies
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