Strengths Based
Leadership Coaching

Align your strengths with your career to achieve your goals and make an impact.

$995 + GST for a limited time (usually $1495)  

Discover what you do best, to be your best

Most people tend to focus on what they’re not good at and try to find ways to fix these weaknesses. However, developing your strengths is the pathway to reaching your full potential and makes the road to achieving your goals more engaging, energising and enjoyable. 

Having insights into your strengths and how to leverage them is a great way to set yourself up for success.  

In this Strengths Based Leadership Coaching Program, you will get clear on your strengths with the guidance of a qualified, experienced and accredited Leadership and Strengths Coach. 

Are you ready to take control of your life and career by unleashing your strengths? 

Is the program right for you?

If any of these statements resonate, then we should chat. 

By taking a strengths-based approach to work and life, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

Feel more fulfilled and confident 

Find more meaning, joy and job satisfaction doing more of what you like and are good at. 

  • Feel happier
  • Experience less stress
  • Have more energy


Better connection with others 

Increase your awareness of self and others, to improve your leadership and communication skills. 

  • Influence and inspire others
  • Aligned communication
  • Stronger relationships


Accelerate growth and development 

Perform better and be more productive in achieving your goals. 

  • Increase creativity and agility in the workplace
  • Experience more meaning and satisfaction in your work
  • Feel more engaged at work 


Benefit your organisation 

By focusing on your team’s strengths, you’ll experience improved team performance and business success. 

  • Lower staff turnover
  • Higher productivity levels
  • Happier customers and higher profits


In this program, you’ll receive a full strengths assessment and coaching to learn more about your strengths and gain one-on-one support, tips and guidance from Ann to maximise your potential.  

We’ll explore what both motivates and drains you. By the end of the program, you'll understand your unique strengths and how to use them in ways that will boost your energy, influence and impact in the workplace and in your life. You’ll also become aware of your weaknesses and learned behaviours and how they affect job satisfaction.  

A snapshot of the Strengths Based Leadership Coaching Program 

A 3-week intensive coaching program designed specifically to help you accomplish your biggest goals through harnessing your strengths. Here’s how it works: 

Invest in yourself or your people

Only $995 + GST 
For a limited time - usually $1495 

A one-off investment that yields so much more in return. You’re not just paying for Ann’s time during the sessions, but also pre and post support, and a free flow of ideas on tap based on years of experience - meaning yourecoup the cost quickly and generate phenomenal personal growth long into the future by being able to make conscious career and life choices. 

How the Strengths Based Program Works 

My Strengths Based Coaching program is based on the Positive Psychology Appreciate Inquiry framework and will form the basis of the 4 coaching sessions. 

1. Discover

We’ll explore your StrengthsProfile Assessment report and pre-coaching Discovery Self-Coaching worksheet. 

2. Dream

You’ll complete the Best Possible Future-Self worksheet and do some initial goal setting to help you know how to apply your strengths more. 

3. Design

We’ll work towards the future you’ve now imagined by completing the Hope Map and recording your ‘want-to’ goal, your chosen character strength pathways to make it a reality, the obstacles you might encounter and how you will maintain your motivation and willpower. 

4. Deliver

I’ll show you how to take small, daily steps along your chosen pathway by showing you how to use your strengths more as a habit.

At the end of the program you will be able to: 

  • Understand your realised and unrealised strengths to unleash your potential and maximise your performance and wellbeing


  • Align your strengths to career and life goals to set you up for impact and understand how to manage your learned behaviours and weaknesses to remain focused on your development 
  • Develop a plan of action for you to implement what you learn


  • Work collaboratively and get the most out of others   


Why choose Kinetic Effect?

Meet your coach, Ann Pocock.

Ann is uniquely positioned as an accredited coach and a highly experienced executive leader. As an executive and leadership coach, Ann empowers individuals who want to disrupt themselves with the tools to unleash their potential. Coaching can empower you to take action, make informed decisions, and uncover your own unique pathway if you’re unclear of your path or being held back by limiting patterns or beliefs.  

Ann’s passion for what accesses, harnesses and raises human potential led her to coaching. Her approach blends her business and leadership acumen with her ability to get to the heart of what matters by building self-awareness, applying strengths and defining the values of her clients. Ann’s unique style is empathetic, open, non-judgemental, questioning, brave, and appreciative of the intersection between work and life.  

She is undertaking a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, has numerous qualifications in Executive Coaching and is an accredited StrengthsProfile Coach.  

Who else has
experienced the
Kinetic Effect?
"I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘leader’ – I’d shrink away from such a title and responsibility. It’s been through my journey of self-discovery with Ann that I’ve reckoned with the fact that I’ll invariably need to ‘lead’. Ann has introduced me to the many styles of leadership, helping me to identify my style and use it to my advantage."
– Coaching: Lauren Ellis, Project Manager, Creative Agencies
“Ann asked the big questions and helped me recognise what was really getting in my way at work. I was able to align my strengths to my role and move forward in my career. Ann demonstrated a deep understanding of the corporate environment and relevant pressures.”
– Coaching: Garth McMurtrie, Asia Pacific Manager, Organisation Design & Development, Verizon
Ann is an effective listener that asks good questions and is able to elevate your thinking. She helped me remove excuses and negative-self talk, encouraging me to achieve my results and goals through root-cause analysis, leading questions and providing frameworks to guide decision-making.”
– Coaching: Alice, Facebook, Singapore
"Ann helped me change my perspective on my character traits, allowing me to re-frame strengths and weaknesses into positive rhetoric. She will listen to you, really hear you, and creates a safe space that genuinely feels supportive and free of judgment. “
– Coaching: Grace, Sydney

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Enquire about this Strengths Based Leadership Coaching Program and let’s pave your pathway to success by unleashing your strengths! 

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