How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome and Use it to Your Advantage

How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome and Use it to Your Advantage

How to deal with imposter syndrome

Have you ever felt like you don’t deserve your current position? It may haunt you to think that your peers will soon notice that it is all luck, and not your skills or talent.

Are you even smart enough? Capable enough? Will people find out? 

You are not alone! Pretty much everyone goes through imposter syndrome at some point in their life. Both men and women are affected by this, and why wouldn’t they?

In an interview, the award-winning actor Tom Hanks said, “There comes a point where you think, ‘How did I get here? When are they going to discover that I am, in fact, a fraud and take everything away from me?”.

But how do you deal with imposter syndrome and use it to your own advantage? Imagine not having to worry about it or trying to eliminate it… Imagine not believing you’re weak or a fraud… How would that feel?

There are ways you can accept it and even be friends with it! Let’s find out what experiencing imposter syndrome can mean for you and for your growth. 

You are Challenging Yourself  

Imposter syndrome isn’t something to hide from. It’s your secret clue that you’re headed in the right direction. It’s a sign that you’ve found your big mission or an exciting challenge.

It makes you do things effectively and challenge your assumptions. If you don’t ever experience it, then you are likely not growing.

So, what would you rather do?

Stay right where you are forever, doing the same things over and over with no growth or change?

Or step beyond yourself, challenge your reality and plant seeds for the future?

It’s your choice! But know you are meant to do big things and change is part living life differently. 

You are Moving Beyond Your Boundaries 

When you face imposter syndrome, you’re more likely to work hard and put all your effort into something meaningful.

You don’t avoid facing what can be improved, instead you actively work on becoming better. You don’t get stuck with a single perspective, instead you keep on exploring new ideas, new styles of living and working. This makes your mind flexible and enhances your productivity.

When you feel there is room for growth, you become more open to changes, to acquiring new skills and information. This helps you sharpen your abilities and be better than you were yesterday.

You’re not weak by experiencing imposter syndrome. You’re just moving beyond your current capacity – and that will feel both exciting and scary at the same time.   

You are Gaining Skills  

Every single time you do something new, you’ll likely feel like an imposter. And there is nothing to get rid of or fix. It certainly doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. That’s often just a story we tell ourselves.

Gaining experience and exploring different paths is the single best thing you can do for your personal and professional development. So, if you are experiencing imposter syndrome, you are trying different things, you are getting out of your comfort zone and your personal space.

And the opposite of imposter syndrome? The Imposter Paradox. If you don’t have imposter syndrome, you’re probably not dreaming big enough.

After all, experiencing it is our way of telling ourselves that we are being stretched with a challenge and we will rise to it. We just need to reframe our perspective.  

Accept Imposter Syndrome and be Friends with it 

You ‘ARE NOT’ an ‘imposter because if you were, that would mean you were deliberately deceiving someone…

You simply haven’t been there before. You are doing something new and that is bound to feel a bit uncomfortable.

So don’t run from it, don’t hide from it, instead face it and be friends with it. Understand what micro-steps you can take instead of looking at the whole situation as one big scary thing. Eat a small part of the elephant first, rather than the whole elephant.

And once you become at ease with it, everything else will fall at the right place.
Stop trying to get rid of imposter syndrome. Get good at it, instead.

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