Leadership Coaching for Marketers

Leadership Coaching for Marketers

leadership coaching for marketers

Are you a marketer or in a marketing-aligned role, such as sales or customer experience, looking to develop your leadership skills and achieve personal and professional growth? If so, this article will show you how leadership coaching can help you amplify your impact.  

Executive and leadership coaching is a tailored approach to professional growth. It will help you develop as a leader, no matter where you are on your leadership journey. Investing in yourself will accelerate your performance and eliminate roadblocks.  

Who will benefit from leadership coaching? 

Leadership coaching will help you clarify your strengths and values, refine your leadership skills and bolster your confidence. It is perfect for emerging, exploring, expanding or elevating leaders. It works well for someone looking to define their future goals, become an inspiring team leader with an authentic executive presence, gain a promotion that involves greater responsibility, or simply find that work-life balance.   

Where are you on your leadership journey? 

Emerging leader: If you’re a budding leader with a position of authority on the horizon or in your first or second management role, leadership coaching will help you navigate internal and external challenges, fine-tune your strengths and eliminate the gaps in your leadership skills. 

Exploring leader: If you’re a leader who is feeling stuck and wants to make a career change, leadership coaching can help you become fully aware and aligned to the unique contribution you can make, what you value and where your strengths lie.  

Expanding leader: If you’re a rising leader or executive moving from a mid to senior management role or looking for the ‘next’ in your career, leadership coaching can help you strengthen your presence, increase your emotional intelligence, improve your communication skills and build confidence.  

Elevating leader: Elevating your leadership capability takes commitment to being curious and the courage to experiment with new ideas. If you’re ready to become completely aligned with the unique contribution you’re here to make, then leadership coaching is for you. 

How will you benefit from a leadership coach?

No matter where you are on your leadership journey, leadership coaching will help you:  

  • develop a clear vision and the steps to get there. 
  • build radically effective communication skills. 
  • lead with courage and authenticity based on a greater perspective and self-awareness. 
  • align your strengths and values to improve self-leadership and inspire others. 
  • foster innovation and engagement within your team. 
  • develop a more authentic executive presence to enhance your ability to influence. 
  • increase individual performance, productivity and confidence. 


Meet Ann Pocock, Kinetic Effect Founder 

Ann’s approach to coaching blends her business, marketing and leadership experience with her Positive Psychology and coaching qualifications. She empowers her clients to define and shape their own path by encouraging them to stretch and grow. 

It’s uncommon for a trained leadership coach also to be a marketing coach like Ann. As such, she also coaches business leaders and marketers to become stronger at marketing by gaining the skills to develop their own marketing strategies and drive sustainable business growth. Find out more about Ann’s Marketing Coaching Program. 

The Kinetic Effect leadership coaching program?  

The Kinetic Effect Leadership Coaching Program is a unique and collaborative partnership between Ann and the client. 
Using a variety of tools from strengths-based coaching, Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, together, you will evaluate your inner motivations, values and behaviours to take decisive action and unleash your potential.  

To learn more about the coaching process and how Ann can help you unleash your potential, feel free to book a call or visit the Kinetic Effect website for more information. 

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